C.S.I. St. Peter's Church, Rathinapuri

About Our Church

Welcome to C.S.I. St. Peter's Church

C.S.I. St. Peter’s was consecrated on 1st June, 1987 with a congregational strength of about 10 families. (See the History of our Church.) The Church grew since its inception and now has an active membership of 700+ families. The Church is headed by C.S.I. Coimbatore Diocese and shares the common believes of Church of South India.

Our Location

C.S.I. St. Peter’s is situated in the densely populated Residential area of Rathinapuri, Coimbatore in South India. As the church is surrounded by residents, the people around the Church are greatly benefitted by the Worship and Sermons from the Church.
The Church is away from the noise of busy traffic and provides a calm environment for Praying and Medidating the Word of the Lord. The Church has become a place where many people visit atleast a day – thus a Comfort for many Souls.

Our Presbyter

Rev. S. Prince Calvin B.A.,B.D.,M.Th. is the current Presbyter and Chairman of the Church. He leads the church in regular Sunday Worship Services and other events. He holds the position of Hon. Secretary of C.S.I. Coimbatore Diocese. Read More about our Presbyter here.

Our Infrastructure

The Church was initially started in a tiled shed in the year 1984. Then a Church building (the current Parish hall) was constructed at a cost of 10 Lakhs in the year 1994 which served for worshipping our Lord.
With a Future Vision, the Church Dining Hall was constructed adjoining to the old Church and the entire real-estate was utilised and a Grand new Church was built covering the entire area of Church Premises. The New Church was dedicated on 13 December 2014.
The new Church can accomodate a congregation of about 700+ people and is equipped with all light & sound facilities to conduct regular Worship Services. A Generator is also provisioned to provide un-interrupted power supply during the Church Worship.
In addition to this, the Church’s Parish Hall (Old Church) serves as an auditorium along with the Dining Hall to host any functions that are not part of the Church Service. The Parish Hall and the Dining space are also open to church members to use for thier specific needs when its free from Church duties.

Our Leadership Team

The Pastorate committe Team looks after the smoothing functioning of the Church. The pastorate committee members holds regular meetings and guides the Church in its progressive path. The Church also have Diocesan Committee members to represent our Church at the Diocese Level.

Worship & Services

Here is a list of regular Church Services :

Weekly Service

Communion Service


To know more about the Special Services and Events apart from the above regular services, please check the Event Calendar.


Fellowships in our Church provides the support to build one another in Christ. We have targetted Fellowships across all age groups and common interests. Here is the list of fellowships happening in our Church:

Sunday School & VBS

Children’s Ministry has high focus and is known for its long-term functioning in creating responsbile believers in the Church. The Sunday School happens every week during the Second Service in the Church Parish Hall.
Every year VBS is conducted Celebrated with fullest Joy and enthusiasm. Cross Cultural, Cross Denominational, Cross Religion Children attend the VBS thereby serving as an opportunity to sow the seeds of faith in young hearts.