C.S.I. St. Peter's Church, Rathinapuri

Church History

In the beginning

Rathinapuri remained as a suburb without basic amenities in the 1970s when a group of about 10 families settled in this area who were primarilly part of C.S.I. Immanuel Church, Uppilipalayam. As years rolled over, in the year of 1975, the families in the locality of Rathinapuri, formed “Coimbatore District – Christian Welfare Association” and conducted cottage prayers apart from regular sunday services.
In the year of 1980, the youth of Rathinapuri formed the “Christian Youth Fellowship” and initiated steps to construct a Church and identified a parcel of Land. The Trustees, the core members of the fellowship, with the permission of Coimbatore Diocese, took efforts and registered the identified land in the name of Diocese.
The Trustees are Mr. Ponniah, Mr. Arulanandham, Mr. K.M. Rakkan, Mr. Gnanamuthu, Mr. Aarone, Mr. Amirtharaj and Mr.Paulraj.

Formation of the New Church

On acquiring of the Land, Bishop of Coimbatore permitted to conduct regular Worship Services and constitued the new Church as a branch Church of C.S.I. Immanuel Church.
On 1st January, 1984 at evening 5:00 PM Rev. Gunabalan declared the Church to be open for regular Worship. The Reverend of Rathinapuri Catholic Church, Father Mani unvieled the Name board of C.S.I. St. Peter’s Church.
In the year of 1986, the Bishop Rt.Rev.Thangamuthu observed the interest of people and growth of the church and prayerfully laid the foundation stone for the new church. And subsequently in the year 1987, on 1st June, C.S.I. St. Peter’s Church was instituted as a separate pastorate. Rev. Wilson Premkumar headed the Church as the first Presbyter and Chairman.

Construction of First Church Building

When Bishop Rt. Rev. William Moses appointed Rev. W. Samuel as Presbyter in the June 1990, a declaration was passed to construct a New Church building. To facilitate the Church construction, the church functioning was shifted to a big Thatched Tent. The old Tiled structure was demolished and the construction of new Church measuring 90 x 35 ft was started on a budged of 10 Lakhs. Also a plan to construct a new church on the first floor and convert the upcoming building in ground floor to Parish Hall was ideated.
In the progress of construction of New Church, Rev. W. Samuel got transfer and Rev. Jayaseelan headed the Church as Presbyter. Under his chairmanship, the Church building work got completed and the New Church was dedicated on 4th September 1994 by Rt. Rev. Tindan M.A., B.D., along with Diocesan General Secretary G. Koshi and Diocesan Treasurer Fredric Williams and Bishop in Coimbatore Rt. Rev. William Moses.

Construction of BellTower and Dining Hall

As the church continued to grow, after Rev. George Stephen was appointed as Presbyter, two Worship Services, (one at Morning 7:00 and another at Morning 8:30) were followed each week. Additionally, a Parish Hall (present Dining Hall) was planned and construction started in the year 1998. The construction got completed by 2000 and Bishop Moderator Rt. Rev. William Moses dedicated the Parish (now Dining) Hall.
Later in 2003 when Rev. Andres Mathuram was Presbyter in-charge, a new Bell Tower was constructed at a cost of 5 Lakhs and was dedicated in the year 2005 by Rt. Rev. Manickam Dorai.

Infrastruction Developments

In the year of 2009, when Rev. Nathaniel Jayaraj was Presbyter, 70 cents of Land worth Rs. 16 Lakhs was purchased at Mailkal at Madukkarai for the purpose of Graveyard. Also, a Generator worth 3 Lakhs was stationed to overcome power cuts.

Construction of New Church

When Rev. I. Alaguraj become the 8th Presbyter in the year 2010, considering the growth in number of members and in-adequecy of vacant seats inside church during Worship Services, the foundation stone was laid on 15th May 2011 for the construction of Church Portico. The Portico measuring 4000 sq.ft. was constructed at a cost of 35 Lakhs in 6 Months and was dedicated by Moderator Commissery Rev. Karunakaran on 18th December 2011. On the self same day, The Foundation Stone was laid for the New Church and Presbyter’s Accomodation making it a “Mupperum Vizha”.
Numerous schemes like Promise Cards, Donation books, Raffle Tickets, Special Offerrings, Inscription of Names of those who donate above 1 Lakh, Fancy Number, etc., were introduced to raise funds to construct the 7000 sq. ft. New Church with a balcony to accomodate more people.
80 families donated above 1 Lakh. Women’s fellowship. Men’s fellowship & Youth donated 1 Lakh each which helped in constructing our New Church with a Graceful Altar, Granite flooring, Teak wood Ventilators & Doors and a Majestic Elevation. Also, the Residence for the Presbyter was completed as a part of the project and the total construction was completed at an expense of 3 Crores.
The New Church was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder on 13th December 2014.

We thank heartfully for all those who have laboured and supported the progress of our Church in each stage. May God Bless all who cared for our Church!!!